Thursday, August 13, 2020

Actress Regina Chukwu speaks against child abuse, calls women wicked

Actress Regina Chukwu speaks against child abuse, calls women wicked

Nollywood actress, , recently took to social media via her Instagram page to react to these evil acts being perpetrated by women. According to the film star, women are wicked and she fears them.

Chukwu asked why women seem to be showing that they are greatly wicked even though they are meant to be the ones with tender and compassionate hearts.

The actress went ahead to list some wicked acts perpetrated by women on their domestic staff or children kept in their care.

She wrote: “Why are we treating our maids like slaves? Did I say slaves, sorry why are we treating children under our care like ANIMALS? Animals sef doesn’t deserve some kind of Wicked treatments melted on this kids whyyyyyyy? How can you drive a nail in another woman’s child’s head, how can you be so heartless to use a hot iron on another child’s skin, how can you be so Wicked to the extent of inserting pepper into a child’s private, how can you subject another woman’s child to sleeping in the toilet whyyyyyyyyy”

Explaining further, advised that if these women cannot cope with taking care of these kids, they should be returned to their parents. She also concluded her post with saying that women are wicked and that she fears them.

She wrote: “Pls now women plssss we are mothers (with or without children) we should not trade that soft heart we are meant to have. If that child is stubborn pls return her to her people (no be by force o)

women are WICKED o, I fear US o.”

See her post below:

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