Thursday, August 13, 2020

Chelsea Rumour: Blues reportedly nearing a deal with ‘New Romelu Lukaku’

has been quite aggressive in recruiting young talents for ahead of the summer.

The Blues are reportedly close to signing a youngster who is being compared to former Blues striker Romelu Lukaku.

The Premier League giants are still linked to German sensation Kai Havertz, but recent reports revealed that Lampard’s side is close to sealing a deal with teenage goal scorer Mohamed Sankoh.

A Stoke source claimed that is now “in pole position to sign” the prolific youngster being dubbed as the “new Lukaku.”

The report further noted that Sankoh’s contract would be an initial scholarship converted into a professional contract when he turns 17 in October.

But despite reportedly having a huge advantage in the race to sign Sankoh, the Blues are not the only club keen on luring the impressive striker.

Reports claim that there is also significant growing interest from another Premier League club, Tottenham Hotspur. It has been said that the Spurs have also already offered Sanko a contract

Everton and Celtic are also reportedly keen on pursuing the Lukaku-like forward.

However, the report mentioned that getting Sankoh would require his buyers to pay a compensation fee to Stoke City for development costs.

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