Friday, September 18, 2020

JAY-Z Cleared a $12 million Debt for DMX at Def Jam

and DMX’s relationship over the years has been interesting, to say the least.

It took a bad turn when JAY took over Def Jam, X’s label at the time.  [Jump to 54 minutes.]

“What had happened was called X and told him ‘The inmates have took over the prison.’ And when your man got in position X felt like he didn’t honor him and hold weight like he was supposed to.  He was moving kind of sideways.  It wasn’t a comfortable situation.  He told him one thing he did something else, and then it went left,” Ruff Ryder founder Dean explained in a Breakfast Club interview.

But even though things didn’t work out between JAY and X at Def Jam, Hov gave him quite a parting gift when he left for Sony.

“X was in debt over there. He probably owed about $12 million,” he said. “I respect him on that because he let him go clean with nothing.”

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