Monday, July 13, 2020

Man wrecks N95.6m Lamborghini 20 minutes after purchase (photo)

Man wrecks N95.6m Lamborghini 20 minutes after purchase (photo)

If the following unfortunate incident occurred in Nigeria, a lot of people would have said the infamous ‘village people’ were at work. However, many people believe this is just another case of unforeseen accident.

Owner of an expensive worth N95.6m, is counting losses after his new fancy automobile was written off less than an hour after purchase. learnt the owner whose identity is yet to be disclosed, hit a snag when his .

The car developed a mechanical hitch barely 20 minutes after it was taken from the dealer’s shop. Photo: UGC
Source: UGC

It was while the car was in the middle of the road that it was hit from behind by a van which wrecked it terribly.

According to Daily Mail, the incident happened in West Yorkshire, England on Wednesday, June 24, afternoon, just 20 minutes after the owner got it from a car dealership shop.

The accident was confirmed by West Yorkshire Police officer Richard Whiteley who thanked God for no life lost, holding it was an honest mistake by the van’s driver.

He blamed the incident on the ’s mechanical failure.

”It is only a car. But on this occasion, a 20-minute-old, brand-new that stopped due to mechanical failure in lane three then hit from behind by an innocent motorist.” he said.


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