Friday, September 18, 2020

NBA YoungBoy Goes Off On Megan Thee Stallion Fan For Hatin’ On Him

The controversy over all the raunchy bars in the Cardi B hit “WAP” has ensnared .

resents being ensnared.

is literally a college student on a mission to save the planet while promoting girl power and yall mad bout her lyrics when it’s 20 yo rappers with 8 kids and STDs that rap about eating cereal bowls of percs, but of course the black woman is the bad example,” typed Twitter user LACRYLICS.

Herp carrier Youngboy actually has six kids at age 20, but a little exaggeration was in order.

“Bitch the world need to stop,” YB shot back.

LACRYLICS removed her Tweet after YoungBoy’s fans attacked, but YB left her with a parting gift.

Pussy ass hoes don’t even be knowing me I ain’t yo example bitch play with you daddy

— (@GGYOUNGBOY) August 12, 2020

Should we all stop playing with YB?

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